Thursday, October 27, 2011

No one ever drowned in sweat

Had a HUGE headache after gym on Tuesday, barely moved at all on Wednesday and felt really rubbish. Ate many points too, but tracked it all and did NOT binge. Just ate some high fat stuff (coconut yoghurt, seeds, nuts etc) that made for a healthier body come bedtime, but a high PP day.

51/29 PP (22 weekly remaining)
1762 kcal - burned 223 kcal through exercise
4970 steps = 2.07

Yesterday was a far better day. Very careful and mindful of what I was doing and eating, and went back to the gym in the evening, determined to do my training plan to the letter. I did. 

8 minutes warm up on the bike @ 85rpm
a minute stretching ^_^
15 minutes cross trainer @ 8kmph
10 minutes stepper @ 3.5 floors a minute
2 x 12 reps chest press 17.5 kg
2 x 12 reps row 25 kg
2 x 12 reps shoulder press 12.5 kg
2 x 12 reps leg press 35 kg
5 minutes recline bike @ 65rpm
2 minutes stretching

Then walking the mile uphill home ^_^ Felt goooood.

33/29 PP (18 weekly remaining)
1354 kcal - burned 1032 kcal through exercise
9905 steps = 4.12 miles

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