Sunday, October 23, 2011

No surprises

I love how very obvious I am when I fall off plan. It's never a little thing.

For 2 weeks now I've not tracked, or stayed off wheat, or drank enough water, or worked out, or blogged.

Realised yesterday I was at that point, where I need to do something *now* or it'll lead to a spiral of doom. That's melodramatic, but totally true.

I put too much importance on hitting the 50lbs off for my birthday 4 weeks ago. When it didn't happen I went a bit mad. I've not made specific targets for myself that I *know* I can reach. Saying I'll lose X by Z is difficult, because at the end of the day, I can ensure that my weight is going down, but never choose how much. It's not an exact enough science!

I'd been thinking that I could skip weigh in tomorrow as my mum is away anyway, and claw back to where I was, then try to hit 50lbs off for the front of November. Once there I could have a 'reward' yadda yadda...

What I NEED is to get back on it now. So I need to look at what I am letting hold me back.

  • Not tracking - so reloaded the app (it had been so long it had crashed :s) and tracked breakfast properly.
  • Not staying off wheat - I know that this is so important, I stay of wheat I feel better, I eat better, I move more. Simple. Have chucked out wheaty naughties, all gone, only my clean, good foods left for me now.
  • Not drinking my water - have started the day with a pint of water instead of a latte. Must go to the tap and not the coffee machine when I fancy a drink!
  • Blogging - going to make myself check in every day again until it's all fallen into place.
  • Not working out. This one is where I'm going to reward myself NOW, for making the choice to get back up. After the shred I want to be using weights more, and with it being dark by the time Sam is home I don't feel safe running (roads here are busy and pavements narrow) so I'm off to join a gym this afternoon. 0_0 

I'm hoping to go 4/5 times a week, for 90mins. It's a monthly membership, so if I'm being unrealistic in thinking I have the time, I'm not tied to a contract.
Not looking forward to feeling flabby and a n00b, but I want to use their stuff, so I gotta go.


  1. Well done for catching it before it got out of hand. Looking forward to hearing all about the gym. I've not been running as much as normal. Had a horrid run last Sunday, hurty knees and slow. But it was the start of getting me going again and a week on todays run was much better.


  2. Welcome back! Let's clink our water glasses!

  3. So glad you posted - I've noticed that when you don't blog you're not necessarily doing as well as you'd hoped so I was worried! Yay for the gym membership - go melt that nasty fat :D