Sunday, October 30, 2011

ready to step on the scale

Feel like I'm very steadily back into the groove now. Spent Friday with a friend, letting the kids bounce around soft play while we drank coffee and caught up. 

29/29 PP (18 weekly remaining)
1194 kcal - burned 370 kcal through exercise
8268 steps = 3.44 miles

Saturday I had my appointment at the gym to do 'bodystat' and have an instructor session on the Powerplate. I was amazed at the fact the powerplate actually worked, and am going back next week for my second go. The bodystat readout was useful too, and a nice surprise was my hip:waist ration being under .80 again!

47/29 PP (0 weekly remaining)
1864 kcal - burned 485 kcal through exercise
8257 steps = 3.44 miles

So - more water needed according to bodystat. Water app agrees, says 3.5 litres a day, not 2. So today I did. And gymmed - already feeling I can do more. 

8 minutes warm up on the bike @ 85rpm
a minute stretching ^_^
15 minutes cross trainer @ 8kmph up & downhill
10 minutes stepper @ 3.5 floors a minute
2 x 12 reps chest press 20 kg
2 x 12 reps row 25 kg
2 x 12 reps shoulder press 12.5 kg
2 x 12 reps leg press 40 kg
5 minutes recline bike @ 65rpm
2 minutes stretching

Starting at the gym has stalled my weightloss, according to my scales, still I'm sure once the water settles it'll be fine. I'm going to be back down from last weeks 190.5 anyway!

40/29 PP (31/42 AP remaining)
1521 kcal - burned 1032 kcal through exercise
9906 steps = 4.12 miles


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