Sunday, October 23, 2011

Skinny small latte to go please

On my way home after pulling myself up off the sofa and to the gym - induction booked for tomorrow night, though I did have my kit with me ready to go if they had space!

45 mins until the next train (gah, Sunday) and I've got costacash on my loyalty card, so I went to the cafe. Looked at the cakes, panini and flapjack - but the cleansing feeling of having made positive steps stopped me.

So here I am - slurping my skimmed latte on the platform waiting for a train. Even though I'm guessing I must be up 5lbs again and feel a little bit annoyed at the slip, I'm happy that a 2 week long bust is only 5lbs now. Reckon the new personal trainer will scare those off me!!

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  1. love the image of the "cleansing feeling of having made positive steps"