Tuesday, November 29, 2011

back on it ^_^

Miles walked - 30.5
previous weight - 196 BMI 33.6
current weight - 192 BMI 33
loss - 4lb
% loss - 2.04%

Feel happy with that result. Especially after a weekend of not much moving and lots of scrummy food - the big, gym-heavy front half of the week pulled me through for a 4lb loss.

11lbs to go to hit the 50lb off that I want for New Year, and 5 weeks to do it. It's a reasonable goal, and will feel amazing to start 2012 halfway to goal and in the 12 stone range. I'm going to do it. ^_^ 

Feeling back on an even keel. Spent yesterday in Brighton with a mate and tracked my eating (even with a visit to Choccywoccydoodah!)

Aiming for a 2-3lb loss this week. Going to eat all my daily & weekly but not touch my AP. Earned 48 last week, aiming for the same this week. ^_^

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