Thursday, January 05, 2012


3 days down. I've eaten *loads* of my weeklies. Still, lying in bed with my gut eating itself.


I'm doing it. :)

Oh also - got the scales and my guess of 210 was spot on. Arse!

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Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy 2012!

I know I've been very absent, sorry about that blog. When I go off track I'm usually trying to hide from EVERYTHING. So, yeh.

This compulsive eating is a serious bitch of a disorder. I'm in agony again, physically.

Had promised myself that today I had to get back on it, regardless of whether I did I am committed to going back to the weightwatchers meeting next Monday.

My scales have broken so I don't know what the damage is, but 2 weeks ago I was 14st 7lb (203lbs) - I'm guessing I've hit 15st again. It feels that way.

I'm in pain, everywhere, all the time. I feel huge. Sweaty. Achey. My head hurts. I've got no energy. My joints feel as if they've been stuck in ice. I know all of this would stop if I looked after my body. It's *screaming* at me to STOP eating all the CRAP.

So, today I have.

I know those butterflies aren't going to fade away, every time I see them in my reflection I know what I have to do. Breakfast today was an omelette and latte. I have prawns defrosting ready for lunch. I've joined in with a 6week kick start event on Facebook with the ww5 group. My goal is to be 'overweight' for valentines day, instead of 'obese'. I'll get some new scales today so I can see what my starting point for 2012 is.