Thursday, January 05, 2012


3 days down. I've eaten *loads* of my weeklies. Still, lying in bed with my gut eating itself.


I'm doing it. :)

Oh also - got the scales and my guess of 210 was spot on. Arse!

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  1. Where are you??? I'm 7lb behind you I think - wanna race ;-)

  2. LMAO - helps if I tell you who I am, its Lozza ^_^

  3. LOL Lozza! I'd certainly do with a 'running buddy' ;) Not going to be any less than I was last week, the way I've been the last week. 0.0

  4. Meh, you're all ill, and shit happens. Where there's a will it'll happen one way or the other. I've had a 1st week gah as I don't appear to be losing, only maintaining. Have duff back though so not able to exercise and I still have 2 days til weigh in. Climbing back on on Monday?

  5. Hope you're going to post again? I've missed reading your blog. And I hope you're well. Take care