Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy 2012!

I know I've been very absent, sorry about that blog. When I go off track I'm usually trying to hide from EVERYTHING. So, yeh.

This compulsive eating is a serious bitch of a disorder. I'm in agony again, physically.

Had promised myself that today I had to get back on it, regardless of whether I did I am committed to going back to the weightwatchers meeting next Monday.

My scales have broken so I don't know what the damage is, but 2 weeks ago I was 14st 7lb (203lbs) - I'm guessing I've hit 15st again. It feels that way.

I'm in pain, everywhere, all the time. I feel huge. Sweaty. Achey. My head hurts. I've got no energy. My joints feel as if they've been stuck in ice. I know all of this would stop if I looked after my body. It's *screaming* at me to STOP eating all the CRAP.

So, today I have.

I know those butterflies aren't going to fade away, every time I see them in my reflection I know what I have to do. Breakfast today was an omelette and latte. I have prawns defrosting ready for lunch. I've joined in with a 6week kick start event on Facebook with the ww5 group. My goal is to be 'overweight' for valentines day, instead of 'obese'. I'll get some new scales today so I can see what my starting point for 2012 is.


  1. Hey there, good to see you!
    Well done getting back on track, you need to get me motivated now, I'm so crappy.
    Meet up soon? Not just the pub one, but a regular chatfest :)

  2. I'm sending you lots of willpower and determination with your kick-start, speaking as one who also goes back up the scale and hides away. You can do it. So can I. Go for it.

  3. Great to see you back! I'm starting again as well, so looking forward to being motivated by your progress again :)) xx