Sunday, April 22, 2012

Self Rescuing Princess

All the targets are gone. We saw my sister in law married yesterday, and I was hugely overweight. It didn't kill anybody. Now though, I am ready to reclaim this poor body. I've so badly abused myself for so long and I'm ready to fight FOR me. I am ready to see myself as a whole person, who needs rescuing, and I'm the only person strong enough to do it.. Just watch me go now. Now that I feel well. Now that I can see how I am going to make this forever. Now that I don't need to fight myself. Now that my children understand that I need to look after me too. Now that I feel able and willing to stand up and do it. Now that I'm on my side ^_^


  1. I've been waiting to see you pop on on my Google Reader! Welcome back my friend. I hope you have a fabulous journey.

  2. Have missed you, and glad to see you back. Been worried about you, knowing how much your weight ties in with your emotional welbeing. Really rooting for you princess!

  3. You CAN do it Joy, and we're all with you :-)