Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sneaky propoints

We talked about tracking at weigh in this week...

Oh, yes, I went ^_^ I'd lost 1lb since I'd last been, almost 2 months back. Actual loss for the week was 6.2lbs :)

.. anyway, we were talking about tracking and common mistakes. Yesterday while sorting myself a cuppa, I realised I just guess my milk. I know I have around a pint of skim a day, but I've gotten out of the habit of measuring it. Then I realised that though I say I've used 2pp, I've never checked to see whether the value for milk changed from old points to now. 0_0 I was more than a little shocked to find I'd been having 3pp more a day than I thought!! Oops.

Tracking very carefully this week, to avoid any more upsets like that! I lost a pp after losing weight this week too, down to 34. I'm ignoring the creeping thought of how much *less* food there'll be at 26pp!!

Am aiming for 2.5lbs a week until August (should see me hit 'overweight' around end of summer). I'd feel *really* good to maintain 2.5lbs a week while 'obese' and I KNOW it's doable for me, if I'm following plan properly.

Feels good to be back on it. Even if I'm feeling tired lots and cranky. The kids are big enough to understand that I need time/space as I get used to eating right again.. though they're not willing to give it to me, I don't feel too bad then about being snappy at them!!