Monday, June 18, 2012

Day One (Ver 5.2.6)

Got on the scale this morning, after a weekend of eating big food, and knowing what was coming.

I am weighing 234lbs. A whole 2lb bigger than my previous biggest. My BMI is 40.2 0_0

The only 'pro' I can see to this is that I can get some full length pictures, and have some really good before shots!

I am in so much discomfort. My body aches all over, I've listed before the many issues I face at this weight, I know there are many people heavier who manage to live normally. I truly don't see how.

I want to feel well. I want to run. I want to fit in my lovely clothes that make me feel happy. I don't want to hold my kids back because I can't keep up, and they are that much older now that this is going to happen soon if I don't fix me.

I'm looking forward to fitting back into my dresses. To not aching when I wake up. To getting up from the floor without bracing my weight because my knees hurt. To having more than one outfit that fits. To dressing myself with no thought other than wearing what is comfy, appropriate and happy-inducing. To going to see friends and not worrying about what they'll think of the state of me. To running and playing and dancing through life. To spending this last 15months of being in my twenties, setting myself up to LIVE my thirties fully.


  1. CTFO Grrrrrl, am right behind you!

  2. I AM SO CHILLED! LOL, thanks ^_^