Monday, June 25, 2012

'Joy's a bit of an anomaly'

previous weight - 234 BMI 40.2
current weight - 225.5 BMI 38.7
loss - 8.5lb
% loss - 3.63%

My leader reintroduced me to the group with the quote in the title. Heh. Couldn't agree more!

With having eaten all my weekly points, and not exercised, and being bloated because of where I am in my cycle, and still having eaten some wheat.. I managed to melt 8.5lbs!! Go body, go! What an awesome machine it is :)

Lost the weight of our littlest meow, Juno - she belongs to my youngest daughter, who carries miss Juno about with her hours every day. But then a furry purry kitty is nicer to carry about than lard squeezing your heart I guess. ;)

My scale aim for the week is to lose 2.5lbs, taking me a full 1lb under the 16 stone bracket.

My 'other' aim for the week is to do 30 mins trampolining on our new 8ft outdoor bouncy thing. :) 5 mins a day for 6 days should be doable, and will hopefully strengthen my joints a bit. 

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  1. Well done! Love see you back blogging again. x