Saturday, June 30, 2012

Making the right choices in the spur of the moment..

It's been a weird week, kind of busy - but not, lots of days of doing things that lasted a couple hours. Just not much time to plan or to be at home I guess.

After weighing in on Monday I came home and mooched about, planned the weeks' food and did the shop online. I did try the trampoline, and managed 5 mins while trying not to pee! Twisted my ankle while bouncing though, and spent the rest of the day hurting. In the evening we had Beavers, so Seth and I headed out for an hour of church bell ringing! Was nice to find out that even the smallest bell weighed a good 100kg more than me.

While ringing the 'tenor' (an 850kg bell) I realised that I'm really not as strong/fit as I need to be! And much wider I'd have struggled getting up the narrow stone staircase to the belltower.

On Tuesday we had our regular date with Rugbytots, took all the kids in this week, so the girls sat and watched while Seth helped out and Kai played. Then we went back to my mum-in-laws' after, and met with Sam and his family to celebrate his brothers' 31st last week.

We had a roast dinner, but I pointed it, didn't have any wheat bits like stuffing/yorkshires etc, and took the skin off my chicken leg. Sam also steered clear of wheat, and once I got in and pointed everything I worked out that I'd stuck to my daily allowance exactly ^_^

Wednesday morning I had a bit of time to get shopping sorted, before heading out to to visit a friend and her new teeny boy for snuggles. Had a lovely time chatting and having little guy cuddles before running across London to meet up with Shel and head to Brixton to see Alanis Morissette. I missed my train and so had to go up to Bridge and use the tube to Victoria, by the time I got there I was so sticky and my head was banging. I'm just too fat to cope with what I should be able to do. Still, I grabbed some water and pills as well as a snack pack of sushi and yoghurt to shovel down me while queueing. Once we got in I felt more human, well enough to be social with the Jack Daniels, but not enough that I'd decide eating crap was a good plan. Again, I stayed within my points for the day ^_^

Thursday was meant to be a quiet, calm day. Sam was at work and I would do housework stuff and relax - until my mum came up and noticed a lump on Maya's neck. I kind of remembered seeing it before, and seeing the same on Anya, but once I checked Anya and found no lump I got a bit worried and headed the the GP with a child of mine for the second ever time in 7 years. He decided it was just a branchial cyst and to keep an eye on it not growing/becoming infected. All good. We had a nice (hot!) walk and picked some flowers for the tortoises and had an ice cream each. Lovely ^_^

Once we got in I found that all 3 of the remaining dragon eggs had hatched/were hatching, so got the nursery viv cleaned and ready for 3 new occupants.

After getting ready for bed, found Daenerys (that's our motherdragon) laying again. Stayed up to check all ok and transfer 10 more eggs to the incubator. Went to bed a lot later than I had wanted considering I had to be awake and out by 7.45am the next day. Still another day on points.

Yesterday - I got up and out and over to Sydenham for 9.30, met my friend to go and be her 'support' while she attended an appeal meeting. Got to hold lush sleeping baby while she spoke and felt quite broody by the time my 30-40 mins long snuggly cuddle was up! We then walked up to Crystal Palace to get a cuppa. Again I was shocked at just how sweaty and hot and fat I am. Yuck. Had a coffee and shared (a yummy, but wheatfree, whoot) cake, before heading back to Croydon to find my brood and meet a HE friend for the afternoon at Beanies.

I was hungry, and suggested getting food there to Sam, he thought the menu wasn't great (there wasn't much without bread to be fair) and so we said we'd leave at about 4pm to get food. By the time we left we were all past hungry, the kids hadn't been given lunch and were playing up, and my idea (Nandos) was shut. We *should* have headed home, but Sam had the idea of pub food in his head, and I was tired, and hungry, and followed.

Long and short being - we went to the pub, I couldn't get a chance to look at the menu properly between keeping 4 kids calm and Sam going on about what he wanted. I said fine I'll have a HUGE burger - he said 'go on, what's one day?' and I let him influence me. Ugh. Ate the hugest burger in the world and have felt really rubbish since. My back and joints are aching again, I feel angry and paranoid and just disappointed in myself for eating it, and with Sam for not looking out for me the way I did for him :(

Still, tracked and everything, that's what weeklies are for. And no more eating out unplanned. And I am letting only me have control/influence over what goes into my body from now on.

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