Friday, June 22, 2012

Stressy day

Nothing major, but just a stress filled day.

Sam needed me to offload to, which is fine. But then I was left going batshit in my head for 6 hours. I had to book my smear, which levelled things up a bit, to multicolour sparkly style batshit. The kids are SO fed up of the rain, and were beginning to feel the sugar low (I can't have it in the house = they can't have it in the house) and I just felt so drained and hungry and BLEH!

But, I have myself a psychological secret shield. When I *feel* drained, and like I need more food to get enough nutrients etc, I can tell myself to hush, get a drink of water and 5 minutes of deep breathing first.. because I am pushing out the boat and spending an extra £5 a month on these -

So I took my supplements, drank a glass of water and spent 5 mins doing squats. And I did feel better. And I did eat nommy, healthy food. And I'm ready to crack on with the weekend and get to weigh in on Monday knowing I've made myself a healthier person than just a few days back, already!

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