Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Welcome to The Hunger Games...

... Welcome! We salute your courage and your sacrifice and we wish you Happy Hunger Games! 

Yes, I'm back. It's June. Reaping month for the annual hunger games...

In one week, I will have sat my driving test. I started driving lessons last summer, when feeling all drummed up and 'fighty' after starting back at weightwatchers. As Sam's work situation went tits up again, I dropped the gym, stopped running, started comfort eating. BUT I kept taking the kids to their clubs/outings. Kept up with friends, kept on track with my driving lessons. I held on TIGHT to a few things, and in a week the most scary stressful one of those will ease up a bit (because, even if I feck up and don't pass, the fear of failing will be done and gone!)

So, I went back last week, weighed in at 16stone 5.5lb 0_0 Seems like that is my critical mass, anywhere 16st5-8lb ish and I think, "oh, yes, I am too big now."

The fortnight of 3 birthdays is done, and much MUCH cake has been eaten. As of tomorrow I am tracking again. I intend to get and stay wheat free (but after my test, don't need withdrawal jitters that day!) and start running again this month.

Plans.. I like them. May the odds be ever in my favour!!

Oh... cake...



  1. Hey Mumma! How's things?
    I'm back on track and getting back into blogging hopefully. Anything to keep me out the fridge huh??!! :oP

    Good Luck with your test....or have you done it already??!!

    Much love x

    1. Manda! I've only just seen this, daft google. Did my test last week (after a fail in June) and passed it.

      Going to be keeping tabs on you lady :)