Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You just need to wee really lots...

Anya (aged 4) today asked me why I was pouring milk into a measuring jug and placing it back in the fridge. I explained to her that I haven't been eating properly, have eaten too much 'bad food' and hurt my body by getting too much fat and not exercising enough. Measuring my food to make sure I'm getting the right amount is how I'm going to fix the damage.

She looked me up and down, and said "Yes, you is a lot fat. You need to do lots of really big wee's and eat your good things and sleep lots for energy then you be a right size again." I giggled and then thought about it and realised that yes, it really is that simple.

Today has been good - stuck to points and ate yummy good foods. Had a big slump at around 3pm where I kept nearly falling asleep. Just so messed up with blood sugar, dread to think how close I am to making myself diabetic. Had a big glass of water and felt a bit better, need to up my water intake (and then wee really lots).

Weighed Sam as well today - he had regained loads of weight too - but he's now starting a wheat free and non-soluble fibre exclusion diet to combat his colitis, so imagine he'll melt away, *sweary words* in his direction.

I am going to start running again. Intend to attempt day 1 of c25k tomorrow, and hope my knees don't beat me up too much.

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