Monday, July 30, 2012

Day Of Terror!!

Three things today, I *have* to face, and really don't want to.

  1. Weighing in
  1. Driving test
  1. Smear test

I dare someone to have lined themselves up a meaner Monday.

1. Weigh in this morning was not bad at all - would have seen more off, but I've been having an extra meal of carbs each day while feeling terrified about my upcoming test.

previous weight - 225.5 BMI 38.7
current weight - 220 BMI 37.8
Loss - 5.5lb
% loss - 2.4%

2. Now I'm off for a 2 hour driving lesson before my test at 12.40am. I am so terrified, but really want to get this done and over with. On Saturday it will be a full year since I got in a car for my first lesson, biting that bullet. My weight/health stuff has taken a back seat this last year, lots of stuff has been let go of as I dealt with life-stress stuff, but the driving I have kept on with. Having not given up yet, I NEED to get this done, and move on.

3. An hour after I get home, I'll be heading out for another test. Routine smear (yay, oh to be female) test. I don't mind the procedure much at all, it's totally painless and takes all of 2 minutes, but stripping off at this weight makes me feel dreadful. Still, determined not to let my flab get in the way of my health, I must go...

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