Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7am plans

The kids are not yet up. I'm stressing about a lost cat (sadface) znd have had 2 busy days with eating having to be slotted in and tracking on the go.

Still, I've eaten *well* am within my points, and while my stomach is gnawing with anxiety about my poor kitty, I have not contemplated EATING the upset. So yay.

Finding myself up and about at 7am (searching for sign of mog) I decided to be useful, so I've measured out my days milk allowance, and settled down with Nandos website to choose what I'll eat later on. They're awesome in having nutritional info ready under each item on their site menu. Love Nandos. Also found out they have an app, so if my planned food isn't available, I'll have access to re-think.

Peri-Peri - GOOD food. Om nom.

Not going to let torrential rain in July, or AWOL kitty upset my physical health. Good start to the day - I just have to keep my head when we get to Choccywoccydoodah! Seth is very excited to go now, after having watched some of the new series on Good Food.

As I've reached my 1 stone off in time, I'll be getting my 'prize' of the Chocyywoccy apron :) This first stone has mostly been about making my own food, taking time to put together ingredients that = health and satisfaction, instead of grabbing ready made, salt and grease laden crap. So to mark that change, I need an apron. ^_^ A chocolate one!

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful day - and that your cat shows up fit and well soon (((hugs)))