Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Melting the Yeti

Can't quite remember how much I've shared before, but that being the case it's unlikely anyone reading will remember either..
My husbeast, Sam, referred to more often than not as the Yeti, is being beaten into submission healthwise.

He has ulcerative colitis, it's not in remission, has never really been in remission. He was diagnosed around 4-5 years ago and his health has got slowly worse since. He's been in pain and on several meds every day for at least 4 years, since before our girls were born anyhow.

I've been nagging at him for about 3 years now, about the possibility that cutting out wheat could ease most of his symptoms, and give his body a chance to heal. I know how bad my IBS is when I eat wheat, if cutting it out could prevent IBS, then maybe lack of those symptoms in him would give the ulcers a chance to heal.

The day I started back on plan, I took over his food, completely. He has given food making decisions over to me and not eating anything extra at work (I've been providing rice, fish, veg/fruit). He has been wheat free for two weeks now, despite having a meal at a pub and a meal at his mums. He's also avoiding spicy food, fizzy drinks, cut out extra sugars and non-soluble fibre. I noticed a difference in him after just a week, in that his skin tone looked more even, and he just looked less rigid. Today he turned around to me and said that yes, he has noticed that his colitis is better than it has been for a long time. Urgency has been reduced greatly, and while he's still in pain, it's less overwhelming than it had been.

I am so, so excited. He's also losing weight, healthily. But I am just buzzing at the idea of him being well again. Not feeling trapped by this shitty (har har) disease.

He's starting with a BMI of 32.01, weighing 270lbs (19st 4lb - a whole 3lb less than his top weight) He needs to get to 252lb (18st) to not be obese, then lose another 3 stone to hit 210lbs to be a healthy weight. 60lbs to lose, and a whole bunch of nasty symptoms. ^_^

Weight loss -
June 18th - 270 BMI 32.01

January 14th - 260 BMI 30.8

Started weightwatchers meetings 2013

January 28th - 266 BMI 31.5
February 4th - 262 BMI 31.1
February 11th - 261 BMI 30.9
February 18th - 260.5 BMI 30.8
February 25th - 264 BMI 31.3

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