Monday, July 02, 2012

Pulling it back ^_^

previous weight - 225.5 BMI 38.7

current weight - 222.5 BMI 38.2
loss - 3lb
% loss - 1.33%

After Fridays' blowout, I pulled it back. It wasn't easy, eating the wheat meant for more pain, I was bloated and cramping and my back and joints felt hammered. But I stuck to my propoints. Ended up having used 25/49 weeklies and lost 3lbs! Quite chuffed because I'm now firmly into the 15s.

We talked today about not getting bored with Lunch. Letting the midday meal turn into not-so-fab snacking. That had been a big problem for me, because I often just can't be bothered to make that meal. Now the kids are bigger I tend to chuck together something with pasta, or spread with ryvita, yoghurt and fruit, and that keeps them happy until dinner.

My lunches *are* boring, but they work for me - I tend to have cheese and fruit and a cuppa, or grated courgette, sour cream and prawns, or an omlette. All around 5-6 pp, all taste good, all fill me up enough that I'm not back in the kitchen soon after.

In the summer (if it EVER arrives) I love to treat myself to a bowl of coconut greek yoghurt and mixed berries as well, for around 4 pp. 

So, I am not feeling like lunch is a red light issue for me right now.

Something that has been a problem time and time again is burning out. Pushing myself too hard, too much and then falling apart. I had a friend leave this comment on facebook today, and it sums up pretty much the whole 'fight' of weightloss/finding your 'healthy';

For me it has been about creating healthy habits, and just doing them over and over again until they feel natural ... And knowing when to relax and rest about it all so I don't get burned out.
Creating healthy habits has been ok, doing them over and over until they feel natural is something I know I can do now. The thing I HAVE to watch for is staying relaxed about it all, not pushing so hard that it all falls away in a screaming moment.

My aim for the scales this week - lose another 3lbs.
My aim for living this week - get out and *do* something every day, make this good habit natural. 

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