Monday, July 09, 2012

A stone down

previous weight - 222.5 BMI 38.2
current weight - 220 BMI 37.8
loss - 2.5lb
% loss - 1.11%

21 days ago I weighed 14lbs more than I do now. I was morbidly obese, whereas now I'm 'severely obese' and half my way down to plain 'obese' Whoot, the levels of obesity. ;)

I'm now enjoying real, good, food. Eating regular, correct portions. Enjoying making food for myself and my family. Not wasting money on take out. Not craving junk. Not thinking about food all day. Not feeling 'hungry' when I go to bed. Not waking up aching.

I'm DOING stuff. I'm doing life. I want to be healthy and able, I think I believe that I will be.

This week coming will be a fun one - today I missed going to weightwatchers meeting because I was booked for a driving lesson (with my awesome instructor, Spencer - from 'Him and Her' Driving School - look, they're as bonkers as me! 

So I've text my leader with my loss so she'll KNOW how much I'm down for next week. Then today my MIL is over for lunch and we're out to Lingfield to do tortoise-based stuffs. This evening is Beaver scouts, and the group are bringing in 'hobby' things, so an evening of protecting/keeping track of possessions!

Tomorrow is the last session of rugby before summer hols (Hardy har, weather, I'm still not finding you funny) and we'll be at MILs for dinner to belatedly celebrate her birthday.

Wednesday I'm off to Brighton with Seth. We're headed to Choccywoccydoodah, he's seen the TV programme on Good Food and NEEDS to go there. Then we're doing a sea life centre visit (his birthday treat that we couldn't do back in June) before heading to the Marina to meet our friend (she was my friend, Seth has nabbed her too) for her birthday dinner.

Thursday Sam is leaving to go on a 5 day trip, headed to the Brecon Beacons for a 54hr paintball event. Nutter. I'll be aloooone with the halflings until Monday night. He'll be eating hog roast. He owes me. 

I'm after staying on track, not eating any stress and another 3lbs off this week. I reckon that's doable, especially if I'm running after all 4 halflings next weekend alone!

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