Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The ten days that vanished

Saturday 14th - attended Church BBQ with my mother-in-law, ate burgers and salad. Burgers were NOT 100% beef, but in fact contained much wheat, as evidenced by join pain and swelling that evening, leading to carb frenzy. Oops.

Sunday 15th - Kids and I had been invited to go to my parents, we were called at 2pm to say that no, we couldn't go down as my brother had a headache. Instead we had ice cream factory. I may have not measured a thing, and eaten more wheat. :s

Monday 16th - Rained so I did not attempt to attend weightwatchers, spent the day preparing sailboats for Beavers that evening. Went to Beavers. Stuck to points but felt not-so-great.

Tuesday 17th - Asda delivery arrived in the morning, cheaper by lots than Sainsburys, but 100% beef burgers also found to contain wheat. Not impressed with skanky looking humus either. Had driving lesson and then came home and relaxed.. and ate a HUGE bowl of cereal. :/ Went to Oxted though and collected my power plate voucher.

Wednesday 18th - Spent morning booking swimming lessons, dance lessons, Royal Institution lectures etc for the next term before taking Seth to see the Animal Inside Out exhibit at the Natural History Museum, then on to see 'The Amazing Spiderman' at the cinema. I walked lots and we had a blast.. BUT we ate crap. I ate soooo much pick'n'mix at the cinema (actually, I didn't finish it, brought it home...)

Thursday 19th - Friday 20th - 2 days of lounging about doing not-very-much, Sam discovering he'd whacked on 7lbs and us deciding the cheese, yoghurt and humus from Asda was bad quality, and deciding we'd prefer to be eating less of Sainsburys produce, rather than a larger amount of Asda's for the same price. Ordered in Chinese on Friday night. Ate a 1/2 duck pretty much to myself.

Saturday 21st - Another day doing not much. Realised that my back was aching again and did attempt to think before eating. 

Sunday 22nd - Went out for dinner with parents and grandparents - ate 3 courses and felt pretty stuffed - though I did skip my chips and not finish my ice cream..

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  1. I have similar problems with burgers so bought one of these and just buy value mince and make my own:

    No more hidden wheat...and my son likes using it so I don't have much work to do ;-)