Friday, July 13, 2012

Where are you on the global fat scale?

The BBC ask..

At 234lbs I was off the chart - with a higher body fat percentage than 100% of the world (on avergae) Even now with a BMI of 38 I still am, need to be another 25lbs smaller before I'm the fatness of an average 15-29 yr old woman from Tonga. *Sigh*

Still, when I reach 144lbs (just inside my healthy BMI range) I'll be bang on average for the UK, but still heavier than 75% of women my age in the world! If I were to HALVE my starting weight, getting to 117lbs and a BMI of 20 (so reasonable) I'd STILL be heavier than a third of women my age in the world. That's incredible, and I feel lardy. :s

Anyhow, just as I was looking at that page earlier, the phone rang. It was the gym calling to let me know that I'd won a competition on facebook. 0_0 I have 6 free powerplate sessions. Lucky me. Going to pop in and get the voucher, and book the kids onto swimming for next term. I would like to rejoin the gym for my birthday - get some more weight off my joints first! - and this is a really good incentive to do it!

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