Monday, August 13, 2012

2 months in

And as of weigh in today, 18lbs down. Really quite happy with that, as I've already had a rocky fortnight or so where weightloss stalled totally. But then doing something anxiety inducing, as someone who's had issues with compulsive eating around stress, that's not a huge surprise.

previous weight - 218.5 BMI 37.5 
current weight - 216 BMI 37.1
Loss - 2.5lb
% loss - 1.15% 

6 weeks left until my 29th birthday, and 16.5lbs to be under that 200lb mark - 2.5lb a week won't quite get me there, but it'll get me really close!! I did use 32/49 weekly points this week too, so am fairly satisfied that by sticking to my 33 daily propoints this week I'll manage my 'goal' of 3lb off.

Meeting today was about finding the positive every week, keeping motivated even with weeks where we end up with small losses/maintains in weight. Felt quite good then to go buy my 'treat' of a new bunch of blooms ^_^

I also volunteered to bring the groups' journal home - each week a different member takes it and tracks in it. It's certainly making me think very very carefully before eating, knowing that people who I meet with each week will have access to my foody secrets!!

Two days out this week - one on Thursday to meet friends for a picnic, so I've got to spend some time on Wednesday prepping food. Then on Sunday I'm taking Rhinoboy to Lollibop festival in Regents' Park. I've ordered a graze box for me to take along so I can snack through the day and know I'm safely inside my propoints allowance.

In the group journal, it's asked me to give 3 aims for the week.

  1.  Keep to my 33 propoints a day
  2. Keep hydrated
  3. Keep running (run at least 3 days, following c25k plan).
I'm wearing a pedometer again too, to track my activity as I'm very aware that I have become very unfit and am in a degree of pain almost constantly. More exercise/strengthening can only be a good thing.

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