Friday, August 17, 2012


This week I came home with the groups tracker/journal.

I planned out my weeks food and activity, and wrote down what my goals and priorities for the week were.

Come Monday I will enter my weight loss for the week, then hand it over to the next person. It will be out there for anyone to read. And so I have felt like I needed to justify every morsel. Every point needed to be a good choice, and I have done such a GOOD week.

I have run twice (and intending to go out again tonight) I have stuck to my daily points, I have eaten good filling foods, not junk. I have pre-planned the 2 days out so I wouldn't overeat once home, or make the wrong choices while out.

My beautiful roses I bought on Monday are fully open and look like they will start losing petals soon. Already having a think about what kind of flowers I might want next week ^_^

Sam started WeightWatchers online this week - it's given him 58 propoints a day. FIFTY EIGHT!! He's using them though - look forward to seeing how he does come Monday.

Monday - 33/33 pp - ran w1d2 c25k, earned 9 ap.
Tuesday - 33/33 pp - earned 1 ap.
Wednesday - 33/33 pp - ran w1d3 c25k, earned 6 ap.
Thursday - 33/33 pp - earned 9 ap.

Hoping to keep up the running again now. If I can run every other day I'll be well on the way to managing 5k again near my birthday. I'm aiming to rejoin the gym on my birthday, assuming that I hit my sub200lb goal. To be able to use the treadmill on really nasty icy days (instead of falling into the main road) would be a treat!

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