Monday, August 06, 2012

Back to meetings

Got up and out to my weightwatchers meeting this morning - had been a month since I last went, and 4lbs loss. Not been the most motivated month, but at least I've done 1lb a week average?

I have 7 weeks now until my 29th birthday, I want to hit sub 200lb for then, need to do just over 2.5lbs a week to manage that. Skates on time.

previous weight - 220 BMI 37.8 
current weight - 218.5 BMI 37.5
Loss - 1.5lb
% loss - 0.68%

15.5lbs off my highest weight, and I'm over halfway to just plain 'obese' *whoot*

If I can hit my goal for my birthday then I'll be getting my gym membership back in September. I really want to get back there, but need to shift some mass before I can manage to lift weight at all. 

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