Monday, August 27, 2012

Carry On (Or the bank hol scales of angst)

Our scales are broken (I think, pretty sure anyway)

I weighed on them yesterday first thing to get a peek, knew there would be no weigh in at meeting this morning, as it's the bank holiday. I saw 209.5 and felt very pleased! Then an hour later I was on them again to weigh the cats for worming meds, and saw that they were showing 214 0_0 I felt very upset, but kept hold of the fact that I had seen the lower number, and that I hadn't put anything in to cause a gain of 4.5lbs in an hour!

Last night Sam got on them, they showed him at 263 (3lbs above last weeks weigh in) and me at 216 (3lbs above last weeks weigh in) - we both KNOW that cannot be right. So he's off buying new scales today, figuring ours have died.

I am going to weigh in on them tomorrow, then go to the Sanderstead meeting to get official WI done  and compare results with new scales. Ugh.

Quiet bank holiday today, Sam is working. No gym tonight as they shut at 5pm. Am plotting going for a run tonight instead. Have done weekly food shop and have been tracking right - just got to carry on and not let wonky scales upset my mojo. ^_^

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