Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Late for weigh in!

Sam did go and buy new scales, and while they did weigh in less than our knackered old ones, it wasn't by a lot :( Still, these are really accurate (or at least very very consistent, doesn't matter which way you stand on them, one legged or tilting right, you weigh the same each time...)

previous weight - 213 BMI 36.6
current weight - 211 BMI 36.2
Loss - 2lb
% loss - 0.94%

We took the Halflings to the cinema today, with KidsAM prices it was £9 for all six of use to go and watch TinTin and The Secret Of The Unicorn (which I hadn't seen yet, so yay!) Bought the kids a box of popcorn and fizz each (that cost £11!!) and settled down for a couple of hours easy-parenting ;)

First time in AGES that I've gone to the cinema and not bought crappy food to munch. It was fine, really, fine. I sat and enjoyed the film and didn't shove half my days food in empty calories down my throat!

Got an email from our landlord to say we need to have a visit to check the condition of the flat. That sent me into a panic - I HATE the idea of people coming into my home, barely cope with the meter guy. The idea that he will judge my home really makes me feel sick. It's daft, the place is clean. The carpet downstairs needs replacing, but that's 4 years of small kids and a damp basement for you.. I did lots of big breathing and calmed down a bit. A few months ago that would have been a binge..

As it was I headed out to the gym -

  • Cycle - 6min (2.54km)
  • Rowing - 4min (800m)
  • Cross trainer - 10min (1.69km )
  • Treadmill - 10min 1km
  • Shoulder press 15 kg 3x12
  • Fly 35kg 3x12
  • Leg extension 35kg 3x12
  • Deltoid Row 27.5kg 3x12
  • Abductor 39.5kg 3x12
  • Adductor (5)  21kg 3x12
  • Pull down 35kg 3x12
30min Cardio & 15min Strength training.

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