Sunday, August 12, 2012

Motivation - motivate your mind

Weightwatchers email this morning was all about keeping aware and motivated, whatever stage of the weightloss journey you happen to be at.

I am aware that I'm fairly near the start. In terms of feeling healthy and slim. In terms of level of fitness. In terms of having a naturally positive relationship with food and exercise.

That's ok. With time and work I'll get there. Keeping motivated each week though, is hard at times. I have goals, but keeping them in mind day to day can prove tricky. I need to be able to see something, several times a day that gives me a boost, is able to remind me to keep at it and feels like a 'treat'.

As I walked home from weigh-in on Monday, I passed my local Co-operative shop, they had bunches of flowers outside, as usual, and I really LOVED the look of one bunch - big happy sunflowers and beautiful rich bush sage. I treated myself to a bunch, and over the last week I have really REALLY enjoyed something so vibrant and beautiful, a total luxury for myself.

Each week that I lose at weigh in, I will buy myself a new bunch for the vase. They need replacing today, and have looked droopy for a couple of days. It will feel really good to replace them in the morning. ^_^

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  1. LOVE this idea.
    happy replacing morning.