Monday, August 20, 2012

Not a weak week

So could have been, after my stupid moment of scale hopping. Having the talk last week about seeing the positive and not letting the inner cynic trash my efforts was *just* what was needed to get me back from the edge though. I stuck to 33 PP each day, earned 36 activity points and kept my 49 weekly banked, for a great 3lb loss this morning -

previous weight - 216 BMI 371
current weight - 213 BMI 36.6
Loss - 3lb
% loss - 1.39%

There's no meeting next week 0_0 as it's bank holiday, but I NEED to stick to losing at this rate to hit my birthday goal. It's simple Keep active, keep tracking. 14 days - I can do 14 good days. I want 5.5lb off for September 3rd.

Have my 9th wedding anniversary this Thursday - we're plotting a trip out with friends for a picnic though, and a bit of walking. Got to keep the booze minimal! Then next week we're going out on a day boat with my parents, and have booked to go to London Zoo's little creatures family day. Going to keep on top of my hunger those days, avoid nibbling bits I've not planned, and I'll see the loss I'm after.

Today's meeting topic was about spring cleaning our wardrobes, getting rid of clothes that hampered our feeling good about ourselves, only wearing things that fit and made us look and feel good.

I've not yet lost enough that my clothes need huge amounts of changing out, but I am going to go through the wardrobes anyway and chuck anything that makes me feel less than how I should feel - all while enjoying my beautiful new blooms!

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