Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pushing through

Yewch. I have struggled today.

I woke up feeling rough. Nauseated and irritable and blugh. But I got up and got my boy dressed and headed out to London for his Lollibop Festival.

He had a BLAST. Saw Katy ("I can cook Katy - she is there. LOOK!") and Mister Maker and lots of live acts that he recognised and I didn't. It was so, SO hot. My head was pounding and I was melting into the ground.

After 2-3 hours of sweating and avoiding calorific crap, we left to eat our lunches. He then asked to go to the zoo. So we did. Another 2 hours of wandering about and being too hot.

By the time we were on our way home, he was grinning and chatting and telling me he loved me (any child telling you they love you is just heartfail awesome, but to have an autistic son go from not calling you mum to saying "I love you so much mummy" in about 6 months is just overwhelming) - the affection and cuteness just about gave me the strength to lead us home.

Too hot, too fat, agh. I came in and collapsed after setting him up with a DVD and drink on my bed.

I've seen, for ages, Jack's W.I.D.T.H. posts and meant to contribute. I must do it. Why I Do This Here - there are so many reasons, mostly for me, lots for my husband/kids, my friends and family etc... the biggest most NECESSARY reason for Why I Do need to lose This weight Here and now is so I can really care for Kai. All kids deserve healthy parents who can chase them around and live for a long, long time. Kai NEEDS me to. If I can't keep up, he can't go. If I'm not here to care for him, WTH happens then?

And having the energy and zest for living that means I see this boy?

That on it's own is reason enough to do this.

And so I will. ^_^

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  1. He's just all kinds of amazeballs and awesomeness! That made me well up a bit in a nice way. You're TOTALLY going to do this for him - how many more times will he tell you how much he loves you then?