Saturday, August 18, 2012

scale-stalking side effects

I know it can be a contentious issue, how often weigh ins should happen, some people want to after every meal, some daily, or weekly, or monthly. Others prefer to never use a scale, instead looking only at other factors for physical health (fitness, measurements etc).

I'm happy enough weighing weekly. Any less frequent and I can go off the rails, pretend that all is OK as I slowly put on weight. Any more and I'm going to get disheartened at normal fluctuations.

Like I have today.

I am in the habit of jumping on the scales first thing, just because our scales are right there. Up until yesterday I had watched the numbers creep down. It looked like I'd dropped 4lb since Monday. This morning it was right back up to 216.

There's no way I should have gained weight, I haven't eaten over my points, I've been active, I've not eaten wheat. So I *know* it's just a blip, a fluctuation, should be back down by tomorrow, etc. But it just threw me completely to see the 'wrong' number. I felt defeated, and confused and just unhappy.

Thankfully, the 'glass half full' topic from meeting came back to me. So I spun the positives - I know I should have lost weight. I have eaten well and tracked. I am active and feeling better. The result WILL show at the scales if I carry on this way.

Then looked back at previous posts here, and realised that this did happen a lot a year ago too - I would show a small loss, maybe a sts or gain, but the next day would melt a load of weight.

I am going to go for a run when Sam gets in from work, tomorrow I have the Lollibop festival to go to. It's sunny and lovely out and I have good whole food to eat. I am determined to only think of the positives, and they will be what guide my actions. ^_^


  1. Good girl
    Stick with it and you will be rewarded!
    I am a scales hopper and it's not good!

    1. Thankyou!
      I did stick with it, and those lbs melted off again by tonight.
      Just need to ALWAYS keep my head about moments like that, and I'd hae this in the bag! xxx

  2. The girl did good!
    You are doing great Joy,day at a time is my line at the moment
    Ruthie xx