Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spring cleaning the wardrobe, ready for Autumn (?!)

I had the Weightwatchers email on Sunday, and then the same subject covered again at meeting on Monday.

My FLYlady email was suggesting going through the wardrobes and chucking stuff that didn't fit/get worn at all too.

I'd already decided I needed to go through the kids' clothes, they've been given bags of hand-me-downs recently and the dining table was swamped!

All the hints were enough, even for me -

So I spent a few hours going through my wardrobe completely. I hadn't realised how much I had that was too big already! Or how many things I was holding on to because they fit, but I felt awful wearing. Or how many things were simply not getting used at all, just taking up too much space.

Once I was finished I had 2 bin bags full of nwanted clothes to go to charity, and a wardrobe that was tidy and useable.

top weight, squeezed into size 22/24 
On a whim I tried on some size 18s that haven't fit since January, and they fit fine! I've been staying in some 22s that I could *just* squeeze on 2 months ago, not daring to try smaller sizes yet.

Being still so overweight, it's easy to overlook how much of a difference I've made to my health/shape/size already. But I *am* nearly 10% down on my start weight, and eating clean and working out.

Being 2-3 sizes down from my top weight already, is pretty awesome. I've still got a long way to go, but I do need to make sure that I appreciate how far I have come already instead of just thinking that I'm 'still' fat/too big/unhealthy. Got to do that positive spin that motivates so well - I'm so much less fat, so much smaller, so much healthier!

Today, size 18

I didn't do measurements at the beginning of August, after a month chasing the same lbs up and down, I thought it pointless. By next week I hope to be recording some BIG changes seeing the difference in my clothes!

Having started back at the gym too, I am really looking forward to watching my shape change, and chucking out the 16s and 18s when I go through my wardrobe next time!


  1. Absolute awesomeness!
    You rock!

    Struthie xx

  2. Looking fab Joy :-D

    Our top weight loss tip is to throw out clothes as they get to big - that way you've got nothing to wear if you start putting weight on - no safety net as it were - and you know it's time to make an effort with your eating again.

    I know I only lost 2.5 stone, but 4 years on, and I've always stayed the same dress size, just because I refuse to buy bigger clothes again!

    Keep at it, and get sorting :-)

  3. Is it really 4 years - wow!
    That's the part I really struggle with - maintaining.
    Respect to you!
    Struthie xx