Monday, September 03, 2012

Catch up ^_^

I've not disappeared, just been a busy week - on Wednesday I took Seth to see Brave at the cinema, really loved the film and enjoyed spending some time one on one with my biggest boy. Unfortunately I did a stoopid and bought Revels, wheat. Have been in pain ever since. Arse. Really need to make wheat avoidance a bigger deal.

Sam went out with my brother in the evening to celebrate (my brother) passing his bus driving test. I stayed in and drank a latte made by my very grown-up 7 year old, while watching the Paralympic opening ceremony. Felt very excited to go watch some Athletics a few days later.

Thursday was spent cleaning up the basement ready for Kai's new bed to arrive (the room is being turned into kid-dorm room, girls wanting to be 'big' and move out of our bed, so they've got the double under-bunk, Seth in the top single, Kai in a trundle bed. Went to the gym in the evening and got good and sweaty -
Recline Cycle 75rpm bike mode L10 6min (1.39km)
Treadmill 2.26km 20min
Row L10 4.27 1km

Shoulder press 15 kg 3x12
Fly 35kg 3x12
Leg press 60kg 3x12
Abductor 42kg 3x12
Adductor (5)  21kg 3x12
Pull down 35kg 3x12
Chest Press 15kg 3x12

Blue Moon Sleeping
Friday the beds arrived and I spent hours lugging flatpack about and changing all the bedding (I HATE bed changing, HATE IT). 2 whole loads of laundry just from *their* bedding. I spent a good 4-5 hours deep cleaning the room, the carpet is knackered after 4 years of small children and damp, but other than that and the walls needing a good clean/repaint, it's lovely for them now.

Gym that night was cancelled as my mum felt unwell, so watched a film with Sam as the kids slept downstairs (blue moon that night!) Maya woke at 3am and wouldn't resettle, so I spent the rest of the night sleeping diagonally across their bed, leaving my back in agony :(

Saturday we were up and out to Regents' Park. Met our friends to do the Green Olympic Mascot trail and have a picnic, then visit the Zoo! It was great fun, my pedometer logged us walking 12 miles. The kids fell asleep on our mad dash home across London, to get back in time for my mum's birthday dinner at our local pub. Sam had ordered me a chicken salad which looked boring, but after a LONG day was lush.

Sunday I woke feeling AWFUL. Cross, and in pain, and tearful and..oh, yeh. Of course. I am a twenty-something female. Used MANY weekly points to stifle the bitchiness with chocolate. It helped.

Today we were up early again, out of the house at 6.30am to get to the Olympic Village to see the Athletics! It was HOT, but we had a good time. I even managed to quickly meet an online friend (Hey Tat!) Seeing the amazing athletes do their thing was totally inspiring. The atmosphere in the place was amazing, and I kept saying to Sam how *friendly* all the volunteers were! The kids have spent the rest of the day 'playing' olympians. We had a mooch around the site, went via DLR to Princess Royal to use the Emirates Cable Car to get across to Greenwich. Well worth the fare, brilliant views and so much more fun the the *extortionate* London Eye, ha!

I felt really wrung out by the afternoon and collapsed on the sofa when I got in, but Sam remembered to grab BBT series 5 which was released today, so I'm now sat with a cuppa and the DVD while the halflings sleep.

Back to 'normal' tomorrow, term starts for us (autonomous educators that we are, outside classes/activities still mean we have a routine/schedule in the term time!) I haven't tracked properly for the last two days, but have written off my weeklies for this week and figure that should do it :)

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