Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The stuff of the last fortnight of busy..

Tues 4th - Rhinoboy back to Rugbytots, beginning to believe 'summer' is over, though it's beautiful warm and sunny! MIL not yet back from caravanning around country, so took all 4 along to rugby. Gym in the evening.
Cycle 85rpm L10 10min (4.06km)Treadmill 15min 1.55kmRecline cycle L10 5min 65rpm (1.47km)l.   X
Shoulder press 15 kg 3x12Fly 35kg 3x12Leg press 60kg 3x12Leg extension 30kg 3x12Abductor 42kg 3x12Adductor 21kg (l5) 3x12Pull down 35kg 3x12
Weds 5th - My day of freeness - spent it doing some DIY on the battered walls of the house (first go with filler with rhinoboy following me around and making finger holes everywhere!! Dyed hairs on me and girls, all in all a lazy day.

Thurs 6th - Watched too much BBT in the evening. Seth ordered chinese for us as well. I may have eaten more mongolian lamb than should be legal.

Fri 7th - Spent the day lugging furniture around my bedroom, reorganising the vivaria and bookshelves. Spent 5 hours altogether sweating like a beast. Baby giant african land snails hatch, much excitement. Get Emoboy to his first swimming lesson of the term, much excitement. Didn't get to gym as lost track of time doing furniture removal stuffs. Probably burnt the calories and more anyway!

Sat 8th - Took the girls to the first dance lesson of term. Had just finished writing cheque for £200 when the helper brought them out to me, crying (them, not her) saying they didn't like it. Awh! Maya hated it because - Anya was whinging and the lady had cold hands, and she wants to do Rugbytots. Anya hated it because her 'head hurt, the children were stamping too loud and it was that she didn't want to go to dancing school anymore because it really scary because she don't know' 

Went to Tulleys' Maize Maze in the afternoon and spent a HOT couple of hours mooching about finding angry birds and watching the kids bounce on things.

Sun 9th - Had a visit from my driving teacher & his wife and their gorgeous new baby boy! Lotsa snuggles and feeling broody and promising myself I will lose the weight so I can entertain the idea of more kidlets. Watched the Paralympics marathon and closing ceremony and realised that despite my pessimism, I have enjoyed London 2012.

Mon 10th - Set off to go to the Olympic/Paralympic parade, before realising that it was a daft, daft idea. Sam had been at hospital for his colonoscopy (yeowch) so we went back home and spent the afternoon with him and MIL watching the parade on tv. Back to Beavers in the evening for a games/welcome night with 6 n00bs, then gym after.
Recline Cycle L10 60-65rpm 4minTreadmill c25k 3.2 (27min) 3.2km
Shoulder press 17.5 kg 3x12Fly 37.5kg 3x12Leg press 60kg 3x12Leg extension 35kg 3x12Abductor 49kg 3x12 (!)Adductor 28kg (l5) 3x12 (!!)Pull down 40kg 3x12 (!)
Tues 11th - Rhinoboy to rugbytots again, had to get a lot more involved this week because the new coach said the word 'crashing' yikes. Spent the afternoon at MILs and had tea there, did avoid eating 'naughty' food, but had killer headache and craving chocolate - of course this meant that I got the "Are you Preggers!??!" line, but no. 15day period says otherwise.

Weds 12th - Another humpday housework day - sorting paperwork and ordering new printer as my 'new school year' splurge. Spent some time with Kai looking at his motor skills to work out what we want to focus on when he starts his group OT sessions in a couple weeks. Gym in the evening, though I was still feeling rough from the day before and had a real pain in my lower back.
Recline Cycle L10 80-85rpm 10mins 3.78km bike modeRow 4.30m 1000m l8Treadmill 15.30min 1.4km
Shoulder press 17.5 kg 3x12Leg press 60kg 3x12Abductor 49kg 3x12 (!)Pull down 37.5kg 3x12 (!)Fly 35kg 3x12
Thurs 13th - ILL. Seriously rough. Sam as well. Nasty virus. Yuck. Ate crap and slept.

Fri 14th - Took Seth to swimming, just. Stood and watched and felt awful as he did an EXCELLENT swim. Sam and the others stayed home, we ate crap again. I called in sick to gym. Though we did walk back up the hill of doom.

Sat 15th - slowly got up and got ready to head to Wembley. Still not feeling right at all, but really didn't want to miss taking the smalls to their first Tigers' game. We had 3rd row seats and though Seth played minecraft and Anya slept, we had a fab day out.

Sun 16th - Sam took Seth to local rugby club to join up for the minis' (current England captain is a former Warl mini, they excitedly tell me) and then after a very naughty lunch of buttery mash, beans and burger buns 0_0 we then all went for a 'family swim' which was actually really bloody lovely. Despite me having to face the trauma of my body in wet lycra.

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