Friday, September 21, 2012

Triathlon musings

Wednesdays' gym session was great, having managed to do a decent session last week, falling ill, I wanted to really beat those times. Really pushed on the bike, and did 10minutes at 18mph. Matched my PB on the rowing machine and finally managed to complete a run on the treadmill without stopping because my shin hurt.
Cycle 100rpm L10 10min (5.1km)
Treadmill c25k w3d3 15min 1.63km
Row lvl 10 1027 4.21min

Shoulder press 17.5kg 3x12
Fly  37.5kg 3x12
Leg press 62.5kg 3x12
Leg extension 37.5kg 3x12
Abductor 49kg 3x12
Adductor 28kg (l5) 3x12
Pull down 37.5kg 3x12

I want to try to aim towards being able to complete a Super Sprint triathlon inside an hour. That's a 10km bike, 2.5km run and 400m swim (16 lengths of the pool). I'm pretty sure I could be doing the bike & run inside 40 minutes in the next month - but the swim, hahahahahaha. Yeh, that's going to take some more work.

Yesterday was lovely and relaxed. I got lots of cleaning done, cleared out the clutter from the kids' room so it's all totally tidied, put fresh sheets on and the kids were full of appreciative noises for the increased playing space. Went for a stroll along to Sainsburys, gave the kids a bit of money each to spend, they all got a book and a toy (unicorn family for Maya and Anya, Lego for Seth and Kai picked a puzzle set) and grabbed the household bits I needed. Then we spent our remaining money on fruit, I found some lovely berries and the boys picked out a pineapple and watermelon. Rambled back through the nature reserve and got stuff put away for when Sam came in. He came back with his sister and they'd brought home freshly cooked pizza from her hubbys' mobile pizzeria which the kids' wolfed down before munching through the fruit they'd bought. ^_^ Happy day.

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