Thursday, October 04, 2012

clutter free

As I am changing the way I live, it's not just changing the compostion of my body, but my home too. Having more energy means I'm getting more done, and finding things that need doing and sorting them.
Over the last month or so I've really tackled the 'hotspots' in our flat, and by not spending money on junkfood, have had enough to buy bits needed to make a difference.

The bathroom was a mess, toilet seat broken, dusty tiles, stuff all laid alongside the sides. Spent £40 on a new seat and matching shower curtain and some storage. All tidy and fresh looking. 30 minutes scrubbing the tiles and it looks fab.

The kitchen had a MOUNTAIN of unsorted paperwork and stuff out on the sides always. Spent £150 on a new super duper printer, which gave me the insentive to clear space. 3 hours of sorting later and our paperwork and bills were up to date, the sides clear and clean and everything except the coffee machine, kettle and slow cooker were put away.

The kids' room has had the messy alcove sorted - 2 hours of lifting out stuff that had gone mouldy! Bleaching toys in the bath, reordering a new table top for the Thomas and Friends train table (£25) and 3 hours cleaning and bleaching the alcove, sorting through stored clothes and baby wraps and putting the soft toys up into the alcove. Their bedroom is now clear and takes 20 minutes a night to get tidy, then 15 minutes hoovering/bedmaking in the morning.

Our bedroom has been sorted - pile of coats etc gone through, and put into a blanket box (that was under TV full of baby clothes. Baby clothes now vacuum packed (£20) and TV etc on proper stand (£30) blanket box containing all kids' coats etc at front door so they can put them away as soon as they get in. Our room now just has the reptiles, bookshelves and our bed. So no need for kids to wander in and out all day.

The lounge is last, it's got so much going on, and being a studio, all the other areas meet in the middle - but I've sorted through the drawers and sent off 20 kg of clothing we weren't using. Sams' desk is currently in there but I *hope* to move it into our bedroom at some point, leaving just our wardrobes (yes, weird - the bedrooms get too damp in winter, clothes need to be in the lounge!) and sofas in the lounge.

I'm feeling happier in my body, and in my home, and the way I'm treating myself and my surroundings just means it's NICER to be in, which makes me happier... and so on.

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