Thursday, October 25, 2012

Metabolic syndrome

I've paid for the full version of the TactioHealth app I'd been using a while on my iPhone. It's been great for tracking my weight and setting weekly targets, but I was interested in tracking my activity, steps, weight, and measurements all in one app - so paid the upgrade.

It wanted WAY more information. I can track my blood glucose, cholesterol, pulse and pressure, weight, body fat, measurements, BMI and activity levels.

I'd tracked most of the information, and aside from my weight, size and waist it was all happy and green. Along the bottom edge of the 'home' screen there are 3 weight related disorders listed, and they're highlighted green through red, depending on your risk factors for each.

My cardiovascular risk is 'very low' at 1%, despite being obese, my activity, pressure etc are all good. Same with Type 2 Diabetes, 4/36 points puts me at 'very low risk' again. The third one was 'Metabolic syndrome' - I looked up the criteria online, and felt a little worried that I might be totally unaware of damage I'd already done.

My waist circumference is high, even now it's still above the threshold for concern. My BMI is certainly > 30, and has been for the majority of the last 8 years. My blood pressure is low, but that on it's own doesn't mean I'm ok. The numbers I was missing were my cholesterol and blood glucose (but really, the cholesterol is the 'biggy')

I've never had my cholesterol tested, I've always thought of it to do with 'old people' bizarrely. Being obese, and a drinker, and a former heavy smoker who has been largely inactive and eaten crap, I guess maybe that's a bit ignorant and a lot stupid.

So, we spent the morning as a family, took all 4 kids to see Brave at the cinema - free tickets, courtesy of National Schools Films Week, munched through a tub of chocolate covered raisins, before walking back up the hill to a bowl of yoghurt, meringue and strawberries, and a fudge bar. Then decided to go get these tests done at our local lloyds pharmacy. Could my intake of sugars have been any more ridiculous?

The tests took 15 minutes altogether. Blood glucose came back at 5.8mmol/l, which considering I'd stuffed 175g of pure sugar into my blood stream in the 5 hours previous, was a fairly good result!
Cholesterol test came back spot on too. All within normal range, and just a touch off 'optimal'. HDL was up at 1.39, with a ratio of 3.5. Triglycerides and LDL were well below the 'risk' line too. More activity and weightloss, while continuing to eat the HDL happy diet I'm on now, can only make it better, whoot.

5.91 miles walked.
31/31 propoints eaten (including over 200g of sugar for the day 0_0)

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