Sunday, October 14, 2012

No weak-ends here.

I feel really tired this weekend, am not medicating with food though, just acknowledging that I am tired, and letting others know. Not worrying about stuff that can wait, but doing what needs doing, otherwise being restful and calm.

It's working.

To be fair, I've had my period, and a busy week (what's new) my body is healing a new tattoo - it's to be expected that I may need a quieter day on occasion!

Yesterday was spent waiting in for the xbox to arrive and having my family visit to 'do' birthday cakes. (Mine was a couple weeks back, my sister and brother both this week). So my parents, siblings and brother in law came up for a couple of hours, with cakes. 

I had my results back from the lab stating that yes, my blood sample had shown I had antibodies. No big surprise, but now it feels like there's no way the voice in my head saying 'maybe a little is fine, maybe the pain is eating too much food, and not the wheat at all...' will be taken seriously.

My sister had a giant cupcake. Moist chocolate cake with heaps of chococream icing. My brother had a marzipan madeira. I had a (lovely!) vegan, wheat-free dutch apple cake. I cut the others up, and dished out without even considering having any. Had a small slice of the 'safe' cake, and after everyone had gone, cleared away the leftovers. Didn't think to eat any, or have to restrain myself, the desire wasn't there - yay!

Spent some time finding games to download (or the trial versions at least) once the kids were in bed. Found a Biggest Loser game, downloaded the trial - thought maybe it would come in useful for a home workout some days.

This morning Sam has gone out with Seth and the girls, shopping for a new coat, leaving me and Kai alone for a bit. He's been playing xbox and we've both had a go at the fitness/movement stuff.

We got Kinect Sports 2 free with the console bundle. It's a fun game (track and field world champ now, me) and after London 2012 the kids are a lot more aware of competitive sport, so will probably rate it more than they might have done 6 months ago. Dance Central 2 download came free too, have done 4 tracks on 2 player with Kai and had a good laugh. Hardly a work out, but fun and better than sitting on the sofa!
Had a go at the Biggest Loser trial workout, which although only 10 minutes long, heh(!) WORKS you out!!
Will be buying that one for days I cannot get to the gym/snow etc. Really did push me. And the globby blobby 'me' jelly sculpture in the bottom right was motivation enough. (It looks even worse when moving, all the wobbly bits wobble!!!  Have probably done about 45 minutes light jumping about, as well as 20 minutes working properly - which can't hurt on an 'off' day!

Plotting a light dinner, and maybe a run later.


  1. Hey Joy, well done on sticking with it, you are doing an fantastic job! Reading your post about how wheat makes you feel really struck a cord with me. I wonder if you would ever have time to post about the sort of wheat free meals you cook for yourself? I imagine as a fellow mum of small ones you have limited time to cook big meals. I'm of course going to google it to, but i do love recommendations :) many thanks and keep up the good work...

    1. Thanks Jo! Sorry to hear the wheat stuff could be an issue for you too, it's a right pain!
      I tend to just avoid anything with wheat in, and when cooking use rice flour, vegan bouillon for stock and tamari soy sauce.
      This time of year I make a lot of soup. I have omelette for breakfast most days, sometimes oat pancakes with raisins and honey. Yoghurt with seeds, nuts and fruit. Main meal is lots of veg, occasionally sweet potato or rice, and protein is usually fish or white meat.

      Mostly eat red meat on 'occasions' -tomorrow for Sam's birthday we're having nachos - so found wheat free tortilla and will make chilli con carne, and shredded chicken, and have BBQ pulled pork to start in an hour or two.

      I will attempt to keep a record of WHAT I eat for a bit, keeps me making better choices if I have to fess up to switching a prawn stirfry out for a mars bar...