Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Packing away the summer foods, bringing out the winter stuffs..

Yesterday at weightwatchers meeting we were talking about the change to winter, and the fact that many of us want to hibernate as the dark cold weather draws in. The desire for comfort food is greater and lots of us struggle.

A member said that maybe it would help to think of food like we do clothes. We put away our summer clothes and get out the winter wardrobe, ready for the different weather. We don't keep wearing the summer stuff and suffering for it. This really made me think, it was a really helpful thing to have heard.

I do struggle with switching over to sensible winter food choices, still trying to plod along with my salads and berries. I don't get into a winter food routine and flounder almost every year around November.

I got home and cancalled my order for berries, yoghurt, meringues, salad, prawns.. the standard 'light, summer' foods I eat. Instead I ordered peppers and onion, to do a DIFFERENT chicken salad, root veg for soup, ingredients for beacon hill cookies, flan, pulled pork and a fish pie.

I'm going to put some energy into finding my winter food wardrobe, to help change the winter pattern I'd fallen into.

Today I made Beacon Hill Cookies and nibbled through a couple with a cuppa mid afternoon, really 'treaty' and luxurious feeling (if a little zingy!).
I also made a smoked haddock and prawn pie from a recipe in the booklet from weightwatchers meeting - was an easy one to use, just changed out the flour for gluten free flour.

Going to attempt making a flan in the next few days, and also have a pork shoulder to go in the slow cooker. Proper winter comfort food, without comfort eating.

Went for a run tonight, had a headache coming on, but talked myself into it. Now feel a whole lot better and ready for a good sleep with a satisfied belly and worked out muscles. ^_^

walked/ran - 3.81 miles

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