Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Ugh, I have had a really rough 36 hours.

Monday before Weightwatchers, I popped into the Co-op to grab something to eat so I'd not go to the gym on no fuel. I found a pack of Matteson's Fridgeraiders roast chicken, used to be something I'd get as a snack often, good protein rich, pre-portioned snack.

Ate them after meeting and met my mum. About 10 minutes after eating them I suddenly felt like I had a stitch (sat in mums' car) and felt short of breath and off. My shoulder started hurting and I knew that I'd ingested wheat.

Checked the packaging, and sure enough, they have a 'new improved recipe' and contain wheat. *le sigh*

Was ok for the gym, and did the reptile night at Beavers group. Then came home and collapsed.

Spent all day yesterday unable to walk more than a few steps without going woozy. Had headache and fever all day and kept falling asleep/losing my concentration every few minutes. Tried emptying the dishwasher only to nearly faint and be sent back to bed by Sam (who saw the state of me at 4am and took the day off, thank goodness!)

This morning I feel a bit foggy, but my head is much better and I've emptied the dishwasher successfully. Hoping to continue to improve and get to the gym tonight too.

One thing I did manage to get done yesterday, was place an order with Sports Direct. Had said to Sam that I would like a pair of shoes for running outdoors in, as I want to keep my gym shoes 'gym clean' - and bought myself a pair of trail shoes. Lunarfly gore-tex. Lovely. ^_^

I'm loving the gym, but find running on the treadmill really hard, mentally. I like feeling my body move when I run, I like to daydream and 'escape' - for whatever reason I can't do that on the treadmill.
Having a pair of shoes just WAITING to go get messy with me, on non gym days would be so good. To be able to whack them on and go is what I need. Even if they're pink..

Huge and lovely surprise when they arrived today, think the courier was a little worried by the strung out, giddy-happy lady he had to deliver to!

To get free delivery, I went shopping in the sale - got Seth a pair of Airwalks (he's in love) and picked up a cheap but comfy looking pair of Lee Coopers. The jeans cost £1.99, and are a size 14. My goal is to fit them for New Year. I want to be fitting these jeans, with a BMI under 30 and able to run 5k. I have the time, and when I get there in 10 weeks, I'm going to feel AMAZING.

skinny 14s on a small 18. Give me 10 weeks ^_^

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