Sunday, October 28, 2012



Muse were EPIC.

I've used most of my weeklies over the weekend - energy for bouncing about and the 2 hours it took to find our hotel post-gig was needed.

Spent the afternoon with my friend Tracy, met a few other Musers, real hardcore fans, living at the o2 for 2 days to be on the barrier, practically doing the tour around Europe.

Chugged coffee and flapjack/granola bars before heading to the queue at 5.30pm. It was so cold, although we're inside the o2 dome, it's really just a massive tent. Brr. Still, we got through within an hour or so, and ended up second line back on the right side of the stage - really not bad!

After the gig (and 3 miles worth of stomping/bouncing, according to the pedometer) we headed out, chatting to a few of Tracy's friends, before trying to find our way to Greenwich, to get a train over to Woolwich (and our hotel). After walking a fair while, asking at a Holiday Inn for directions, and with no juiced phone for googlemaps, we discovered there was a bus (well, two buses) that would take us straight over. Found our way to the nearest stop easily enough, and jumped onboard, giggling at how we'd used our 'extra hour' (you did remember to put the clocks back?). A few minutes from the Travelodge, Tracy called ahead to ask them to put the heater on in our room - they said we had no room. 0_0 They'd overbooked us, but were going to transfer us to another hotel.

Spent a few minutes at the bar with an Appletiser each, finding out that we were being sent to Bromley.

So, by 1.30am, I was halfway home, in a brand new travelodge that reeked of fresh paint, suffering with IBS after too much oat-eating.

Thank goodness for the extra hour!

walked/bounced/stomped - 6.1 miles

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