Saturday, October 06, 2012

Stabby Saturday

Oh noes, lancet. Meep
I've accepted for a while now (3 years, just over?) that I'm *at least* intolerant to wheat gluten.

Symptoms I get when eating wheat (even a little, and without realising I've eaten it, I get symptoms strong enough to affect my daily life) are fairly severe and commonly linked to wheat allergy/intolerance.

Still, I've never been able (yet) to fully commit to staying wheat free for longer than a few weeks at a time. The foods that contain wheat are the foods I crave, the ones I still daydream about, even when totally on track with my exercise and eating.

I need to treat this more seriously, to be CERTAIN that I have a real physical condition that needs treating, that might switch my brain onto behaving more sensibly. I need the absolute switch off, psychologically, from those foods, the way that boycotting Nestle has kept me from buying their produce for 12 years!

My symptoms are really 'classic' - As well as food cravings, I feel chronically tired and unwell. Feeling run down and on the verge of a headcold is 'normal'. I tend to not do much, as my joints are so stiff, moving just hurts too much. My back feels really bad, and sitting for 5-10 minutes leads to spasms in my lower back. As well as the fatigue I feel depressed, find it hard to want to do anything, or care about anything. I would just want to lie in bed and read fiction (and eat more wheat). Other Neurological issues I suffer are panic attacks, memory loss and frequent crippling migraine. A single migraine loses me 1-3 days, and I'd have them almost half of the time.
I get bad IBS eating wheat, painful cramps and bloating and awful wind too. I swing between constipation and needing to go often, and am in pain whenever I do get to the loo. My Gastro-intestinal health on wheat is shot, really. 

That all should be a pretty clear indication to STOP, shouldn't it?

Seeing as I am still struggling to stay away from the evil grain, I thought it might be worth looking into having it officially diagnosed. If I take away any doubt in my mind that it *is* poisoning me, it is serious, and I really cannot eat the stuff.

I've not gone for testing at the clinic before, as I'm fairly sure they'd run tests for coeliac and I've assumed I couldn't have that, as the main symptom listed everywhere is 'weight loss'. Pretty sure that excludes me! My symptoms also seem pretty clear to be a severe intolerance, rather than allergy (no breathing/skin issues) too - so I've stuck to that way of thinking I guess.

Found a lab online that'd do a simple positive/negative IgG test for £10, so I ordered one. The kit arrived this morning, and I stabbed my poor finger to get a sample to send to the lab. They'll test it and I should have a confirmation of IgG antibodies found inside a fortnight. ^_^

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