Tuesday, October 30, 2012


While it's not going to help me get to my overweight for 2013 goal, a maintain was what I was expecting. It's a bit odd, because I ate my weekly and daily points, but didn't use earned activity points, so *should* have lost. Am putting it down to water retention - I ate a lot of oats the last 3 days, so hopefully I'll get a good loss next week.

previous weight -198.5 BMI 34.1
current weight - 198.5 BMI 34.1
Loss - 0lb
% loss - 0%

We all committed to doing something this week, I told the group that I would gym 3 times, run 3 times, do aquafit and swim. Only 8 sessions of activity then! After meeting and popping to sainsburys for a flan tin (plotting to try a gluten free quiche this week) I went to the gym, and had a REALLY good session.

Cycle lvl 5 Kilimanjaro 15min  8.23km
Treadmill hill 10 15min 1.56km 47m

Shoulder press 25kg 3x12
Fly  47.5kg 3x12
Leg press 70kg 3x12
Leg extension 45kg 3x12
Abductor 56kg (6)6
Adductor 35kg (l5) 3x12
Pull down 47.5(kg 3x12

Home for the afternoon, got online shop sorted, have plans to make a pie from the 'my week' leaflet from todays' meeting, as well as Beacon Hill Cookies and pulled pork.

My sister came down to do aquafit with mum and me tonight, it was a good one. The more full-on trainer was there tonight - my quads ache!

Thinking about doing a nature walk with the halflings tomorrow, assuming it's not chucking it down - want to really get those miles in this week. :)

swam/ran/cycled/walked - 10.48 miles


  1. I've always found that I can't go into weeklies or exercise points and lose - it's just good old dailies if I want to shed pounds.

    49 weeklies though is the equivalent of nearly 2 days worth of points for me - how was that ever going to work?

    You're doing a grand job Joy - looking fabulous :-)

  2. I've never used exercise points either, not if wanting to lose!
    I think the idea is that sticking to dailies = 2lb loss, using weeklies too = 1/2 lb loss. If a Pp is 'worth' around 70kcal on average then that'd make sense, as 49 = 3430kcal = 1lb fat burn.

    Still, I don't like to use them if I can help it! I have used 38 this week (dad's birthday, ice cream, sausages (wheat free, yum!) and I'm fairly sure I've had a good loss, after last weeks' maintain.

    The science is there, I do know that sometimes my biochemistry will mean water retention and sts where I 'should' have had a loss.

    Anyhow, waffle waffle. Yes, I think an extra 7 pp a day is a lot more food, and I like to stick to my 31 (soon to be 30, weep) if I can. :)