Sunday, October 28, 2012


Woke up feeling very used and achey this morning. Slowly peeled myself out of the marshmallow hotel bed and got myself dressed for breakfast.

Couldn't eat the sausages or granola, as couldn't be sure they were wheat free, and my insides were already not happy. Really gripey tummy and felt rough and bloated. :(

Nutella and Bacon, two best breakfast foods
Tracy had her taxi back into London comp'd, and I mooched to the bus stop to get the buses home. Took less than an hour and £1.35, so was fairly chuffed, if in pain still with the IBS flare. Oats, sugar, grr.

Got in and watched Biggest Loser for a bit, and drank tea.

Sulked because I've eaten badly - not binged, or eaten over points, but just not the best food. I felt like going out and buying junk, thinking 'stuff it'

Instead I voiced my frustration, and got down to do some stretching/floorwork with Malachi. Spent a while reading blogs and perking myself up. This isn't *about* losing weight, or dieting. This is about being well and changing my lifestyle. I am WINNING at this.

Finally pulled myself off the sofa and went for a run, got a chance to try out my new gore tex Lunarfly and they were LUSH. Slippy, scary leaves no more. ^_^
It wasn't easy to spend those hours fighting the urge to go eat crap, it wasn't easy to pull my sulking self up and go out running. But by making new, good habits, by paving the way for myself with new shoes and the will to DO THIS FOR ME - it was doable. I can do it. I did. It was SO worth it.

I am now feeling balanced again. I am happy, I am healthier than I could have been.

walked/jogged - 4.7 miles

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