Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Tuesday Trekker

Tuesdays, for the last few weeks have been BUSY days. Kai's having a new group therapy, under the occupational therapy department - but only for 4 weeks, and then they will discharge him from the service. I wasn't sure how he'd cope with having the group work in the morning, followed by more group work an hour later at Rugbytots, but he's done brilliantly so far.

Tuesdays have been getting everyone up and dressed and fed, Kai's backpack packed with his rugger stuff, nappies etc, and appropriate lunch, bus fare and homework for OT. Then getting over to the hospital (2 trains and a bus away, thankfully we've been offered lifts over from my family) spending an hour doing floor work and deep pressure stuff = achy knees and arms mummy! Then we have to rush out, get on a bus and change Kai while on the bus, then walk *quickly* while munching flapjack and a banana to Rugbytots, then play for 45minutes (yes, that means me too) then walk *quickly 20 minutes to the train to get back (with a mile uphill walk after 3 trains) home for 4pm. *Whew*

Dinner on, washing on, kids changed and I have a cuppa...

and today we had fish and chips (gluten free Tuesday, yay!) because I am just snackered and I will not let my gym/gluten-free/clean home go, but I can bust into my weeklies happily.

Tomorrow I have to go to meet the Appointment Advisory Committee for Scouts, to talk about me becoming a leader assistant type, at 8pm. Mum is going to take me, and we are plotting to go do gym after too, really don't want to miss a day! My period this month arrived sneakily and has not caused me too much pain. I just feel tired and my legs are weaker than I#d like!! Still, managed to get some sweat worked up yesterday -

Cycle bike mode L12 10min 85rpm (4.61km)
Treadmill hill lvl 9 15min 1.65km meters 36
Row 900m 5min (gentle, ouch period)

Shoulder press 22.5kg 3x12
Chest press 42.5kg 3x12
Leg press 65kg 3x12
Abductor 49kg 3x12
Adductor 28kg (l5) 3x12

Hoping this will continue to be the case as I lose weight, if I could get to the point where I am getting almost no pain with my periods all the time it would be AMAZING. I still had a 3 day migraine, but it was a lot less severe than I have been used to. ^_^ Body fitness is obviously improving, took my blood pressure tonight and it was 109/66 with a heartrate of 62. Nice. :)

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