Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weaker than I wanted weekend

Friday. Ugh.

Was meant to go to Brighton to my friends' flat-warming. Barely managed to get Seth to his swimming lesson and home. So cranky, and bloated and in pain.

30/30 propoints
1.5 litres
staggered - 1.7 miles

Saturday - a day of paperwork and sofa sitting. IBS kicked in really good as well, not had a period like this in a while :(

30/30 ProPoints
1.5 litres
Dragged self around the flat - 1.4 miles

Remembrance Sunday today. Felt a bit less like warmed through zombie, got down to the church and Seth was pike as standard bearer. Kids and Sam went over to Reigate in the afternoon while I had a planning meeting at the pub (which had laid on food/drinks for uniformed lot post service, I didn't take anything but a couple of satsumas, wahey!)
Got home and caught up with the housework, cleaned kids room, laundered stuff and did food shop.

35/30 ProPoints
1.5 litres
3.72 miles

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