Tuesday, November 20, 2012

3rd stone down

With my 3.5lb loss this week, I earned back my last butterfly, the threat of the shame and pain of tattoo removal is lifted. Whew. Also, I hit my 3rd stone off - means I get to buy my good self a little something to aid in my daily healthy living shizz.

At the gym yesterday I was told my direct debit hadn't been put through, so I owed the fees for Nov-Dec. I paid them off and was *then* able to make use of the 3 months for 2 offer, that I missed out on by days, after having the 2 weeks free with my first month.

It meant I paid £140 up front, but then I don't owe any more in gym fees until the beginning of March next year! I usually wouldn't be happy to part with that much at once, but decided to squeeze the budget, and make it my 3rd stone present to myself. ^_^

Today Sam was off work, so after walking to the train station to see him and the halflings off to Reigate (he took Kai to rugby) I went to visit a new friend met through Beavers. She's lovely, had a great hat over a cuppa, and was amazed at how fast the hours slipped past.

Then mooched over to Reigate, taking the opportunity to nip* into my tattooists on my way to my Sam's mum's. I showed Mike my ideas for my left sleeve, and after a giggle at my lack of any artistic talent and fabulously cheesy taste, we cracked on with starting the sleeve, going to go a character or two at a time, before shading it all and adding some floaty bits to make it cohesive.
*(just a quick 2.5 hour stop, ahem)

I gots me a fantabulous tattoooooo!

Back to the smallest I have weighed whilst being tattooed, and ouch, you do feel it more with less insulating material! Thankfully the front of the arm is fairly ouch-zone free, though I always get a weird numb-zingy pain near my elbow.

Isn't she lush?! I'm also going to have Cheer Bear (care bears) Michaelangelo (TMNT) Moomintroll (The Moomins) a My Little Pony (either applejack or seashell, I am undecided, ha!) added - as well as some rainbow brite stars, a moomin sun, and some Starbuddies, floating about.

Went for dinner with Sam's mum and brother, lovely roast, then home. I have to be up early tomorrow to pace excitedly waiting for pre-release Muse tickets for next May!!

29/29 ProPoints
1.5 litres
walked - 3.4 miles

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