Monday, November 26, 2012

5 weeks to go!

Got a text bright and early from Rachael, saying she'd lost a stonking 3lbs. Hopped on my scales and they wavered between 2.5 and 3lb off. Thought for a moment I might have 'won' this week, but the meeting scales decided not.. ;)

previous weight -190 BMI 32.6
current weight - 187.5 BMI 32.2
Loss - 2.5lb
% loss - 1.32%

Am thrilled, 2.5lbs off is ace, I'm more than halfway to a healthy BMI now and right on track to hit my minigoal at this rate, in just 5 weeks I could have escaped obesity. Pretty awesome.

It is this time of year that has proven to be difficult for me in the past. This time last year I was 192lb, by January I was 210lb again. The year before I was around the same weight, then 214lb come January 1st.

I need to stay focused, keep  tracking and active despite the winter dark, the cold outdoors, and the comfort food. Buying gym membership to last until Spring should help with that. I've also made sure all clothing in size 16/smaller, so I can't sit in a slack pair of joggers, eating away and pretending all is fine because the waistband isn't too tight.

At meeting today we were talking about how to stay focused over December. Claire suddenly grabbed us all paper and pens, and said to write down our current weights, then write down the result we'd have if we gained 9.5lb over the holidays.

not what I want to see in 2013
We talked about what would cause those gains, and how to stop it from happening. For many, like me, it would be that maybe we'd get caught out by eating over our propoints, some chocolate, or an extra glass of wine, or picking at the roasties, etc.. then we'd think "Ah, I've blown it now, may as well 'enjoy myself' properly" - something that I KNOW is daft, because I do not enjoy being stuffed, or gaining weight, and going over by 4-5 points doesn't 'blow' anything.

One lady then told us a quote that had stuck with her for years - I've heard variations on it before, but this particular analogy really works for me.

If I 'stumble' headfirst into a tin of chocolates, I'm not going to go and eat all the food. I will get back 'up' and run it off.

Went to the gym and had a quick workout, as we were planning on Aquafit & swimming in the evening.

Fitness test 5min 0.45 vo2 max 34.2 - average.
Treadmill 3km 25min

Shoulder press 25kg 3x12
Leg press 75kg 3x12
Leg extension 47.5kg 3x12
Pull down 47.5 kg 1x12
Fly  50kg 1x12
Adductor 35kg 1x12
Abductor 56kg 1x12

Beavers was mad and noisy - only two more sessions until Christmas, and practicing their play - haha! Should be fun to watch in a couple of weeks' time!

Aquafit was a good workout, and then I swam 16 lengths (400m) in 20 minutes - which was my aim for New Years, as that's the super sprint distance. Really pleased to have that done - need to set myself a day where I will do all three parts (run, swim, cycle) inside an hour, then move on to training for the sprint distances.

29/29 ProPoints
1.5 litres
7.2 miles

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