Sunday, November 18, 2012

6 week countdown

Only 6 weeks left of 2012! I'm hoping for a 3.5lb loss tomorrow to get me back on 'the line' on my fridge graph - after that a steady 2.5lb a week will get me to my goal.

Saturday was a quiet day, got housework done and baked some gluten free loaves for the week. In the evening I organised going to my friends house today.

We did some walking around London Bridge before heading to E's house, then spent a few hours there - my lot ADORE her family, and I really enjoy her company. Like Rachael, she's someone I feel really at ease with. After we left we mooched back home in time for the baked potatoes that Sam had put on, to be ready.

A while back, after her baby boy was born, I went to visit E with some jeans that were too small for me, at sizes 14-16, but would be kind post-natal wear for her. She has slimmed back down (and looked like a gorgeous fairy-sprite in a size 10 Joe Brown's dress) and so I had them to bring home with me.

They fit :) My lovely baggy H&M jeans, fit. I can ditch the size 18's for good. WHAT a way to end a happy weekend.

Sat -
30/30 ProPoints
1.5 litres
walked - 1.8 miles
Sun -
30/30 Propoints
1.5 litres
walked - 5.6 miles

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